With a shared understanding of what we are trying to achieve, and why it is important, we can create solutions that bring about the impact you want to see.


I guide clients through best practice during discovery and definition phases, and produce a clear brief for creative and technical experts to work from.

We generally start by defining clear business goals, and mapping them to key measurements that define what success will look like. Workshops, interviews and desk research enable us to understand more about each type of person that will interact with the system and their needs.  The human centered design approach ensures that we work from the motivations and blockers of real people.

From this foundation, we explore how different types of people and actions might move us towards the business goals, using Impact Mapping. This method gives a clear framework for identifying potential deliverables which we can take into a creative phase.


To design relevant solutions, we form a backlog of user stories, clarifying what different types of users want to do and why. This backlog is used throughout to prioritise competing needs, identify the minimum viable product (MVP), and keep the focus on the things that add most value.

I also document any generic guidelines such as brand, architecture, budget and timelines. A technical review helps to clarify constraints and dependencies, and provides a framework for technical decisions.

At this stage, I can advise on suitable options – producing a brief for external suppliers, building a team of experts, or finding off-the-shelf tools to use.

For more complex projects, Specification by Example methodology is a brilliant way to confirm and document requirements. Investing in this process from the start will reduce the money and effort spent on implementation mistakes, and ensure that a high quality product is delivered.

This agile process is a more efficient use of budget, saving significant time and money compared to traditional procurement procedures. Having worked agency side for so long, i know what information technical and creative teams need, and ensure that no knowledge is lost.


I have a network of great experts that we can involve as required to deliver other digital services that you need, from marketing and content creation, to design and development, PR and community engagement.

If you want to know more, please get in touch.

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