A little story

I want to tell you a little story of happy coincidences & good energy (all characters are real, not imaginary)…
Viv worked in software for big brands & charities at @computerlovers in Manchester.
She could see the potential for digital beyond websites and was inspired by social enterprises.
One day she saw a tweet from @jonjalex about a ‘How can I do more good?’ day.
This day with @JonathanMWise & @JeremyMathieu gave her the courage to ‘follow the energy’ and set up @ObjectivesFirst.
Soon after she went to an @UnLtd event on social enterprises and met @wedogooddigital.
They discovered they had the same values, complimentary skills and a lot of love for the world.
They connected with a brilliant copywriter @DaniJStyles and other talented digital folk.
One weekend, Viv got up the courage to speak to a homeless person in Prestwich.
She knew the advice was not to give cash and was frustrated she couldn’t do more to help.
She did some more research and started to develop ideas for using digital to help.
Later that month Viv went to a @mcrsocent talk by @dotforgeimpact, organised by @konstant_g.
She had met @cdhrich100 & @thatgirlvim before who now worked at DotForge
They connected Viv with @rentlord and they talked through her ideas.
She submitted an idea
with help from @wedogooddigital & @FreeYourIdea.

She was full of excitement when it was selected and quickly set to work.
As part of developing the concept, Viv visited @BoothCentre to meet Amy and find out about the amazing work they do.
Amy suggested talking to a few others who were also thinking about tech for homelessness.
Viv contacted @acrim to share what we were working on and offer support for any of their ideas.
He connected her with COR who had already formed a group of homeless organisations that needed something similar.
They talked excitedly on the phone and agreed to meet to find a way to make this happen.
The next bit is the history we will make together. Watch this space!!
This is a tribute to all those that share their time and ideas freely. These are the people that make things happen.
As @wedogooddigital always tells me…”the universe provides”. Indeed it does.