A good digital brief

I have seen so many briefs in my time working in agencies and software companies. Some are very short, some are very long, but only a few give exactly what creative and technical experts need to enable them to respond with effective solutions. This is frustrating for both sides, and with a few improvements everyone involved could get a lot more value from the pitching process.

You are the experts in your business, and you want to work with experts in digital. If the right information can be conveyed from one party to the other and back again, the results will be far more satisfying. Here are my top tips for what to include in a digital brief…

Tell them about your business and your brand.
– What is your mission?
– What do you stand for?
– How do you talk about yourselves?

Tell them what your objectives are.
– What do you want to achieve?
– How will you measure success?
– What is working well now and what needs to be improved?

Tell them what you know about your users and their needs.
– What internal users are there and what do they need to do their job?
– What customers are there, what do they need to do and why?
– What else do we need to know about how your business works?
– How many people are likely to use the site?
– What scenarios are important to consider?

Tell them about any constraints.
– What technology stack do you have and what will stay?
– What integration points are there with other systems?
– What kind of budget do you have?
– Are there any deadlines or constraints in terms of timescale?

Don’t tell them how to build it!

Any ideas you want to include are useful to know, but ideas contain assumptions, and there may be a better way to approach the solution. It’s far better to start with objectives, and an understanding of what you need.

For each project there is likely to be other specifics that you need to communicate, but having this information would be a great start. You would be surprised how often that isn’t the case!

The Golden Rule.

Tell delivery partners WHAT you need and WHY…and let them tell you how.

It’s not easy to get this right, and it takes a broad range of knowledge and experience. If you take the time to give the right information at the start, you will get a better outcome, and save money in the long run.

If you would like me to help you with this process, to produce a brief that will get you the result you want, please get in touch.