_DSC0160-EditAdventure comes in many forms. I have run long distances over hills and in snow, cycled through Asia and Africa, raced in Scotland and the Alps, organised events, and faced fears with people i barely know. Now I’m setting off into the unknown for a different kind of challenge…leaving my safe job to follow my heart, exploring new ways to use technology to make a difference.

I passionately believe in doing work with purpose, using our energy for things which align with our values and make us feel alive. I am increasingly aware that the work we do influences culture, the way we think about ourselves and each other. There are some brilliant people and organisations working hard to improve lives, social enterprises addressing local problems with creative and innovative solutions, and i want to be part of it!

Things have changed a lot in the 17 years since I started working in technology. Devices are smarter and more accessible, we are more connected, and content can be shared with increasing speed. Working from core objectives and selecting the right technology and communication channels to get results, we can do even more.

I feel incredibly grateful for all the opportunities, supportive friends, and good luck that have helped me on my way. It’s time to take that same spirit of adventure into my work, to find new ways to use my skills and experience as a Technical Consultant, working with a close network of experts to really make a difference.

If you are doing work with social purpose, and think i might be able to help, please get in touch.