How I can help

I support organisations, groups and individuals to find solutions that work for all – co-designing ways to have more open conversations, include different perspectives, and find creative solutions that leave no-one behind.

Viv Slack, Digital Consultant, Manchester
Viv Slack

After 15 years working on projects for big charities and businesses, I moved into supporting collaborative systems change around issues of homelessness, poverty, climate change and community. I enjoy bringing a mix of facilitation skills, systems thinking, nonviolent communication, human centered design, digital knowledge and more to diverse groups of people working together for social change.

To find out about some of the projects i have been involved in, you can read these testimonials. More recently i co-founded Street Support Network, co-designed and facilitated GM Transformation Lab, have been supporting GMHAN with strategy and facilitation, and have been experimenting with different methodologies through Reconnect Works.

I am passionate about social change, and see great potential for effective collaboration and creative processes to help solve our most important problems. As a co-founder and director of a charity, I understand the challenge of running an organisation where time and resources are limited. I am ever grateful to have a strong network of amazing skilled and passionate people with different specialisms to collaborate with.

If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you, please get in touch.

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