Looking for support?

I work alongside organisations and groups to find solutions that work for all – facilitating and supporting collaboration, decision making, co-production, and taking effective action together.

I bring a mix of facilitation skills, systems thinking, collaborative design, digital knowledge and nonviolent communication skills to diverse groups of people working together to tackle complex issues including homelessness, inequality and climate change.

Are you involved part of a group working together towards social change and looking for support? I’d love to hear more – please get in touch.

Current initiatives include Street Support Network, GM Transformation Lab, GM Homelessness Action Network and NVC-UK Conflict Transformation Weave. To find out more about some of the projects i have previously supported, you can read these testimonials.

In this time of deep social unrest and transformation, I see so much potential for effective collaboration and emerging creative processes to respond to our deepest and most important challenges. I also see groups struggling with capacity, burnout, lack of clarity and the impact of ongoing conflicts.

If you are curious to explore how I can support your mission, please get in touch.

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